Our History

Apr. 1999 Founded in Hodogaya, Yokohama.
Aug. 1999 Marketed the first made-in-Japan DNA chip “Yeast Chip ver. 1.0.”
Dec. 2001 Moved headquarter to Science Frontier District, Tsurumi-ku, Yokohama.
Mar. 2004 Announced IPO on Tokyo Stock Exchange MOTHERS (Capital increased to 600 million Japanese Yen).
Nov. 2006 Formed strategic alliance on microarray business with Agilent Technologies Inc., USA.
May. 2007 Started new product services “ConPath Chip” and “ConPath Navigator”.
Aug. 2007 Marketed “Hyb-Teacher”, an educational microarray genotyping kit for students.
Nov. 2007 Received 24th Industrial Technology Development Incentive Award from Kanagawa Prefecture for development of “Probe Bank”.
Mar. 2008 Started Clinical Trial using “RNA Check” to assess the efficacy of DMARD's (Disease Modifying Anti-Rheumatic Drugs).
Mar. 2008 Started service of “Mamma Print”, a risk assessment test on prognosis of Breast Cancer.
Apr. 2009 Accredited with Privacy Mark.
Mar. 2011 Marketed “iCIS-crdb”, a gene expression data service for clinical research.
Apr. 2011 Marketed “iRIS”, a rheumatoid arthritis electronic survey system in clinical settings.
Dec. 2011 Marketed “TBONE EX KIT”, a DNA extraction kit for hard tissue such as tooth and bone.
Oct. 2013 Formed strategic alliance with Agilent Technologies Inc., USA on Next Generation Sequence analysis service.
Aug. 2014 Transferred to the 2nd Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
Nov. 2014 Signed capital and business alliance agreement with Enplas Corporation (Capital increased to 1.4 billion Japanese yen).
Mar. 2015 Original research paper published on identification of miRNA that regulates tumorigenesis of glioma, in collaboration with Ehime University Graduate School of Medicine and Hokkaido University.
Apr. 2015 Launched liquid biopsy companion diagnostic test DiVA-EGFR Check to detect rare mutants in plasma cell-free DNA of lung cancer patients.
Apr. 2015 Developed and published a set of external RNA standards and control probes, which enable multi-platform calibration and data validation among microarray, qPCR and NGS (part of a JMAC (Japan Multiplex bio-Analysis Consortium) project).
May. 2015 Patent awarded for Biomarker and Method used for Determining Rheumatoid Arthritis Disease Activity (Patent Number: 5676777).