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Our Mission

 DNA Chip Research Inc. was founded in April 1999, specializing in development of DNA microarrays. Since then, we have consistently been engaging in various research projects and services that involve DNA microarrays. To stay on top of this ever fast-growing field, we always engaged ourselves with the latest technology and also our own innovation. We constantly strive to provide exceptional quality of service by consolidating our knowledge on Bioinformatics and our know-how and techniques on automation of sample processing and nanoscale sample analysis. Our current major business is focused on: Research and Development, Contract Research Service, and Diagnostic Support Service.
 Consisting of a group of gene and genome research experts, the mission of DNA Chip Research Inc. is to continue developing innovative technologies and provide services for the benefits of the society. Our vision is to help every person to live a disease-free future especially in this fast-approaching aging society in Japan and generally all over the world.

What is RNA Check?

"RNA Check" is a concept proposed by our company. The idea is to examine RNA expression pattern and utilize the information for the health monitoring. Usually, the sequence of our DNA is static and does not change throughout our lives, but gene expression profiles, represented by RNA copy numbers of each gene, is a dynamic factor and changes constantly depending on various physiological and environmental situations. Our company aims to contribute to the well-being of the common society through "RNA Check" technology.

Research and Development

We are investigating the role of genetic information, the fundamental code of life, and aim to develop tools and services for daily practical usage. Our concept of “RNA Check” is based on gene expression profiling that enables us to monitor our health condition and to diagnose and predict prognosis and drug efficacy in diseases like Rheumatoid arthritis and cancer.

Contract Research Services

We provide a wide variety of analytical services, from DNA chips to state-of-the-art Next Generation Sequencings. Our technical experts provide consultation on experimental planning, sample preparation, statistical analysis and manuscript preparation, catering to researchers’ needs and requirements.